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She is here. Finally.


After lots of surveys and got some useful advices and links from Ikeow,  finally I got her in Bandung last Saturday. It is Singer 1130. 31 patterns. Cant wait to start sewing again! Lots of project ideas in my minds.

But apparently still have to be patient, cause I don’t have any:

– Proper scissors (and other very great tools like here, wish I get one of them!)

– Sewing table! (well my husband has promised to make me one)

– Sewing kits (threads, pins, etc)

– Fabrics!!! have no fabric yet! (yeah… there are some felts for start. and old t-shirts or bed sheets to reuse)

– Time! Oh no. thanks God tomorrow’s weekend since I couldnt touch my brand new sewing machine in whole weekdays.

>> Things to do:

– organize patterns & tutorials downloaded from sewmamasew and burda

– get some nice fabrics!

– get some sewing tools

– ask k Fatah to make a sewing table this weekend